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The concept of Innovation and development instructs the social change today. In the big industrial setup, innovation has become the soul of product strategy. As group intelligent operation system executor, Guanghua Times uphold Intelligent development principle in the product development process, drive the innovation mode of service products and clothing products, strengthen the value of modern service industry, promote strategic cooperation level, Integrate the originality spirit of the Chinese culture into the research and development and shape modern enterprise ethics value model.

In the trajectory of Guanghua Times, the production is a foundation career field. In the intelligent operation system of Guanghua Times, the key of the effective production organization, the human nature management and high strength to perform is intelligent technology application and humanized decision-making mechanism. The contemporar apparel industry has been completed conversion from the scale, low cost, planned production mode into co-ordinate, high precision, flexible production status. Market information instructs the production principle, rapid response lay the production efficiency and intelligent operation organize production to perform.

An important standard of modern enterprise is the cooperation related links of the industrial chain, but usually the development synergy of the Large-scalmanufacturing enterprises is very low. The keynote of Guanghua Times Intelligent Operation is the development of the industrial chain, that is, integrationcooperation in the upstream market of information, customer demands, material research and creative design, hatch brand in the backbone link, world factory and Intelligent factory mechanism in downstream industry chain. Guanghua Times aims to become the leader in the development of whole industry chain, optimize the industrial supply level and create an important platform mechanism for global market cooperation.

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